InterLock Housing

The InterLock desktop housing has been designed
to cover subracks. Also System-Module can be
dressed up.
The special design features of the InterLock desktop

  • The covering elements are formed from recyclable
    polystyrene plate-material warmly and the joints are
    welded together by means of a chlorine carbon solution
  • Material strength of 4 to 10 mm can be processed
    according to demand of the device.
  • Easy assembly or disassembly of the case shells.
    Both case shells are locked by a clamp groove without
  • The case is upgradeable by feet and handles.
  • However, on account of an economic manufacturing
    technology special dimensions or special colors
    can be also already realised for small quantities at a
    reasonable price.
  • Extensive range of accessories is available.


Material: Polystyrene 6 mm thick
Color: black
The InterLock desktop housing is delivered in
single parts.
Set consists of:
1 top-shell
1 bottom-shell