Cable Housings, Connectors, Busbars and Current Distribution

Cable Housings

Cable Housing Standard

The plastic cable housing for connectors in accordance with DIN 41 612 fulfills the demand for a fully insulated compact housing. The cable housing fulfills also the following requirements: Optional accommodation of blade and socket connectors for any connection technique. Fully insulated stable housing. Elimination of all mechanical stresses acting on the connector during plug-in or operation. Fitting on both the front and wiring sides, using suitable guide components.

Cable Housing Universal

The universal cable housing can take all DIN 41 612 type connectors. Only one cable housing is needed for the various connectors. Standard and universal cable housings are interchangeable.

Metal Cable Housing(RFI-Shielded)
Metal Cable Housings provide for RFI-shielding of PCB's with front connectors according to DIN 41 612, series E and F. They are suitable for VME- and other Bus-Systems with front cabling, where they replace the corresponding RFI front panels 3 U (or 6 U as an option). Contact to adjacent panels is made by contact areas and springs. The cable connection includes mechanical support as well as large area shield contact. Basic parts are half-trays, sized 1,5 and 2,5 HP allowing for combination to 3, 4, 5 HP housings.

The Intermas Connector System, in accordance with VG 95 324, DIN 41 612 and 41 652 (draft) offers a wide range of variations and combinations for implementing intercircuit connection of PCBs and equipment of various kinds. Our connectors in conjunction with the cable housings provide a wide range of interfacing applications.

Busbars and Current Distributors
For most wiring solutions in vertical cabinets and subracks a wide range of bus bars and power distribution components are offered.

The vertical power distribution in cabinets utilizes 100 A bus bars with standard A 6,3 x 0,8 fast-on terminals and M 4 screw terminals or two A 2,8 x 0,8 fast-on terminals in sequence. These bus bars are easily cut to the length for customer requirements, and mounted in a 3 pole insulated or 6 pole non insulated version. The insulated version meets the specifications to VDE 0160 T. 100 and VDE 0470.

A short insulated 3 pole version is available for use horizontally on subracks.

5 pole horizontal bus bars with different terminals for subrack mounting are also available.

Mini power distributor offered with a wide range of termination.

Push on bus bars with screw terminals for wire wrap and termipoint technique on connectors complete the various ranges of bus bars.


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