These cassettes or subdrawers are for use in subrack types, constructed in accordance with DIN 41 494 and IEC 297-3.

Four identical profiled struts join the front plate and the rear wall, forming a box, which can also accommodate side walls and top and bottom cover plate. 3 U cassettes are alternatively available with profiles and side wall in one piece construction.

The dimensions of the cassettes, in respect of the guide rails, are the same as the outer dimensions of printed circuit boards in accordance with DIN. They can be slid into subracks on card guides. The cassettes themselves can accommodate standard size PCBs DIN 41 494, IEC 297-3.

  1. Type "FP" (front panel):
    The enclosed front panel and enclosed rear wall are characteristic of this subdrawer type. This means that the subdrawer is particularly suitable for installation of any component such as transformers, capacitors, relays, etc.

  2. Type "RT" (rear wall with partial aperture):
    The special feature of this subdrawer is the closed front panel and the rear wall, which has a hole for installation of a transfer plug connector. The internal wiring is located within the subdrawer and is therefore protected against external mechanical, electrical, and magnetic effects.

  3. Type "RV" (rear all with full aperture):
    The special feature of this subdrawer type is that it has an open front, which means that printed circuit boards with handles can be inserted. For this reason, the corresponding rear wall has an aperture over its whole width, and is equipped with a set of holes for mounting of plug connectors.

  4. Type "FL" (front strip):
    This subdrawer type is similar to shape RV. It differs from the RV shape only in that the full width front panel is attached to the side panels by two front strips.



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