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Electronic Enclosures are manufactured by Intermas. We manufacture standard, customized and and taylor-made electronic enclosure systems in the fields of PCI-, VME-, CPCI and communication-applications. We are also known as a synonym for state-of-the-art EMI protection. Based on the wide range of standard components our experts offer wide and variable solutions to solve any of your electronic enslosure needs.

Our goal in the system business is the creation of economical and technical solutions corresponding to your specification by making use of our combined strength of long term expertise and innovative power.

Intermas has been developing, manufacturing and marketing modular assembly systems for more than 30 years. Intermas offers an extensive range of more than 10,000 separate components including electronic enclosures, electronic subracks, RFI shielding, cable housings, interface housings, cassettes, CPCI, and IEEE, along with a full line of accessories and hardware.

Electronic Enclosures
electronic enclosures

Electronic Enlcosures

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